Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What to put when you're in a hurry

We have all been there: you’re running out of time, you haven’t put on your makeup and you have a meeting. What would you do? You can’t make a full face so you use the minimum amount of product to look polished.

For me when you have an important meeting or event, the minimum amount of steps are five, well three essentials and two complimentary. I’m pretty sure everybody knows Jeremy Renner (yes Hawkeye), if you haven’t already known this, he’s a makeup artist and for he there are three essential steps (which for me are also the three essentials):
Source: Glitter Geek
  • Brows: unless you got Cara’s brows (I’m jealous in that case), you should take care of them, call it brushing or doing them; you can see the difference in your face.
  • Lashes: if you have a set of full and curly lashes, you’ll probably skip this step. But for many curling and applying mascara make them look fresh and awake.
  • Lips: an intense lip color is the easiest way to look like you try hard to look fancy but without using a lot of time. Don’t be afraid of bright colors, life is too short to not using them.
The next two steps take the look to a different level but let’s be real sometimes you can’t do all what you want:
  • Face: whatever you use when in hurry (powder foundation, under-eye concealer, just some foundation or only primer) a face which looks more even takes you to another level when trying to look more dressed up.
  • Cheeks: you have to know I love blushes, they make you looks healthier and younger. Many people think blush looks false but well applied it looks like it comes from you, also you can try with some bright colored ones; just because it’s only makeup.
This is the first “translated” post I hope you like it. Do you have more tips?

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